Church Planter by Darrin Patrick

Darrin Patrick's new book, Church Planter, is the most important book aspiring church planters and pastors can read. Clear enough? Over the years I have been encouraging young men who are looking at pastoral ministry to read several classics. The more they lean into it, the more I have them read. They need to read Richard Baxter's The Reformed Pastor and take note of his perspective on the conversion and calling of ministers, the pastoral care of the body, and his approach to bringing the gospel to bear upon the souls of those under his charge. And, they should read Charles Bridges' classic, The Christian Ministry. All of it. Read it up, think it through. And, John Angell James' An Earnest Ministry. And select chapters of Spurgeon's Lectures to My Students (esp. on calling, earnestness, and the ministers' self watch). And, there are others, both older and newer than all of these, that should be read. Books like these don't deal with systems and paradigms and launch teams, but are even more important because they deal with the the men, their calling, and the ministry itself. I will still encourage men to read these books, but in Darrin Patrick's Church Planter we have one volume that covers much of this material in an easily accessible book. Easily accessible, not necessarily easy to receive. Darrin's book, like Baxter's, will be hard to read and apply, because it will force the reader to deal with himself and the gospel. And, like Baxter's and Bridges' classics, it will help to confirm that the readers either are, or are not, called by God to lead and plant a church.

Church Planter is divided into three sections: The Man, The Message, and the Mission, hitting the most critical issues related to the calling and ministry of church planters. Of course, most of this book is applicable to those in pastoral ministry, and not just those planting churches. In fact, I would also encourage those currently serving, those who have been at pastoral ministry for years, to read Darrin's words. They are biblical, sobering, challenging and encouraging words.

Get this book, and share it with others. Check out the promotional video for the book below. It's well worth 5 minutes of your time.