Note to Self Update: The Cover

I was at Elias' wrestling practice the other day when a 9 year old came up, sat next to me and asked, "Hey man, how's your book coming?" Seriously, just like that. People often ask me about the status of my book, so I thought I post an update and explain a little about the process. Back in 2009 Justin Taylor approached me about a book idea based on a short series of blogposts I was doing. We had a few conversations and he suggested I submit a formal proposal to Crossway. So I mapped out the contents, wrote up a proposal and sent it off. Crossway then sent it on to ReLit to see if it would work as one of their imprints. There are approval processes for both Crossway and ReLit. The proposal was accepted by both, which meant I now had a deadline and had to start writing.

Once the manuscript was finished I was assigned an editor who went through it and offered some very helpful advice. They sent back a hard copy of the manuscript with edits and suggestions. I made final edits and sent it back to my editor.

During this time the team at ReLit was working on a cover for the book, and I love what they came up with.

The book is coming out in 2011, but I don't know much more than that. The people at Crossway and ReLit have been helpful and encouraging. I'm hopeful that it proves to be helpful to readers. Writing it was certainly helpful for me.

I'll post another update on the book status once I know something new.