Gospel Notes #2 Why We Preach

Why does the church insist on preaching? Because the gospel is the good news of God's redemptive work through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection to save sinners, establish a Kingdom, and renew all creation. It is good news of great joy that must be clearly articulated. It is what Calvin called "the clear manifestation of the mystery of Christ." Of course, there is an important place for dialog. Jesus valued conversation as a means of helping people see the truth. But the gospel is the work of Jesus, and is presented as the announcement of victory; the heralding of good news. Take a look through the New Testament and you will see the gospel is everywhere proclaimed! It is not all that we do, but it is central to what we do. As Christians we are called to be preachers of this gospel, witnesses of the risen Savior, bearers of good news, and proclaimers of his excellencies.

And preaching isn't only what happens on Sunday mornings, nor is it the job of professionals. Most simply, preaching the gospel is the clear and compelling verbalization of the truth of Jesus. A father may preach the gospel to his son as he sits on his bed while tucking him in at night. A woman may preach the gospel to her neighbor over coffee. A child may preach the gospel to a friend while walking through town.

Why do we preach? If there is no preaching, there will be no believing. If there is no believing there will be no transformation. But we ultimately preach not because it is commanded, nor because it is the means by which people believe. We preach because we cannot keep this news to ourselves. It is too good not to share; too critical not to tell. We preach the gospel because God is worth making known, and knowing.

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