Note to Self Update: Foreword

Ok, here's the most recent update on Note to Self. Sam Storms (that's right, that Sam Storms) wrote an amazing foreword for my book. It's so good I am trying to get Crossway to call it the BOOMword. I don't think they're going for it. Sam's foreword really makes Note to Self a better book, doing what another author told me a good foreword is supposed to do-- "advance the discussion in a meaningful way." It definitely does that, and more. Yesterday I was surprised to see the book on Amazon. It doesn't come out until April of  2011, but you can pre-order the book now! Crazy, right? And if you pre-order it now you'll probably forget that you did and will either 1) be surprised when it arrives in your mailbox (which is cool) or 2) you'll order it again and wind up with two copies (which has to be twice as cool). I appreciate all your encouragement along the way. Next up - I should get to see page design from the typesetter.