Note to Self Update: Proofs

Yesterday FedEx delivered the "first proofs" of my book, Note to Self. This is what the pages of the book will actually look like; the product of the typesetter's hard work with my content. I have to admit it is pretty exciting to see the book coming together like this. The basic outline of the process has been: 1.) Idea for book. 2.) Proposal drawn up and sent to publisher (Crossway). 3.) Proposal accepted and deadline agreed upon for delivery of manuscript. 4.) Deadline for book comes, and I'm not done. I have to ask for a little more time to finish manuscript. 5.) Manuscript is finished. Whew. 6.) Editor goes through the manuscript, does her thing, and sends it back to me. 7.) I make final edits to the book, and send it back. 8.) We ask Sam Storms to write the foreword, and he does. It's awesome! 9.) The typesetter takes all the content and creates the look of the book's interior. 10.) I get the first proofs.

Now that the proofs are here I read through it looking for mistakes that may have slipped through (typographical errors, mispellings misspellings, etc.). Of course my editor is also going over the proofs as well. I mark up this hard copy and send it back to her if I find any problems. The next time I will the book is in its finished form.