Memorizing Philippians

Years ago I had the privilege of seeing a man in one of our Community Groups come to faith in Christ. As a new believer who was hungry for the word he read Scripture frequently and thoughtfully. One day I told him that some people memorize books of the Bible. Yep, entire books. The next day he taped Galatians chapter 1 on the windshield of his garbage truck and got to work. He wound up memorizing all of Galatians while throwing trash on his garbage route over the next few weeks. Last time I checked he could still recite the whole letter to the churches in Galatia. Tim Brister has developed a great method for memorizing the book of Philippians in 16 weeks. His method is set up for use with a Moleskine pocket-sized Cahier notebook, but you use any journal you like. If you're going with the Moleskine you can pick them up at Barnes and Noble, Borders Books, or you can purchase them online via

Through collaboration with The Resurgence, a customized PDF has been created for you to download with a week-by-week outline for memorizing the book of Philippians in 16 weeks using the English Standard Version (ESV). On one side of the moleskine you simply paste the week's verses to memorize, and on the other side you write your reflections on the verses while indicating how many times you rehearsed them each day.

Read about it at The Resurgence, download the PDF, and let's get going on January 1st! We can have the entire book committed to memory by Easter. Thanks for this, Tim.