Who You Really Are

Part of the wonder of the gospel is that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from the condeming power of sin and gives us a good conscience. And yet, sin is still present. The gospel does promise a future deliverance even from sin's presence, but for now we must endure it. The fact that sin remains with us is what makes a "good conscience" so valuable. Sin remains, but its power to condemn is cut off. We are still sinners, but we are saints by God's grace. This is what gives us a good conscience and allows us to be real-- not only with God, but also with each other. It is a travesty that many in the world view the church as a gathering of holiness-pretending hypocrites who are really no different than anyone else. In a world where everyone wears a mask, and there is a high value placed on pretending to be something--anything-- but what we really are, the church should be the one place where we can finally be real, because the need to pretend vanished when Christ died us.

Jesus didn't die for who you pretend to be, but for who you really are. He saved who you really are. And who you really are is now united to Jesus. So yes, Christian, you are a sinner, but a forgiven sinner. And the reality of who we are in Jesus frees us from the need to pretend that we are anything other than what we are for we cannot be anything better! We are his.