The Music I Study To: Worship Music

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The Music I Study To: Jazz (Part Two)
The Music I Study To: Worship Music (Part Three)

The truth is I study to a lot of different kinds of music. While writing my book, Note to Self, the music in the background varied from film scores, to jazz, to Gothenburg metal, to alt. country/folk, to instrumental post-rock, to classical, to worship music. It all depends on my mood and the subject matter. I'm not going to cover any other playlists than one more--worship music.

By worship music I don't mean to conjure up any particular style of music, but music that focuses on the realm of redemption and is generally written for use in a congregational context. I actually have two worship playlists in iTunes. One that has everything, and one a bit more selective. Today I am sharing the latter. These are some of the albums that truly move me to marvel and sing of the grace of God in the work of Jesus Christ.

Worship Music

Joe Day, Grace Red Mountain Music, Help My Unbelief Page CXVI, Hymns I Page CXVI, Hymns II Page CXVI, Hymns III Cardiphonia, Hymns of the Faith Sojourn, Over the Grave Sovereign Grace Music, Together for the Gospel Live Various Artists, Rain City Hymnal

I could have put many more albums on this list, but decided to keep this pretty narrow and allow you all to jump in with some of your favorite worship/sacred music albums. Throw 'em up in the comments.