Your Sins Should Lead You To Jesus

Do not let your sin be a cause for spiritual stagnation or self-pity, but let it stir you up to find refuge and safety in our Savior. Yes, loathe your sin, but turn from it to Jesus that you might experience the refreshing influence of the Spirit. Your guilt should lead you to God's grace where you will be filled with gratitude for all that is given to us in Christ. I love how our brothers worded it almost 400 years ago at the Synod of Dort.

Those people whom God, according to his purpose, calls into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord and regenerates by the Holy Spirit, he also sets free from the reign and slavery of sin, though in this life not entirely from the flesh and from the body of sin. I love how our brothers worded it at Dort.

Hence daily sins of weakness arise, and blemishes cling to even the best works of God's people, giving them continual cause to humble themselves before God, to flee for refuge to Christ crucified, to put the flesh to death more and more by the Spirit of supplication and by holy exercises of godliness, and to strain toward the goal of perfection, until they are freed from this body of death and reign with the Lamb of God in heaven.

- Articles I and II from the Fifth Head of the Canons of Dort

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