The Moral Perfection of Jesus

I have been preaching and teaching a lot on the subject of godliness in early 2011. As I have done this I continue to draw our attention back to Jesus. We look to Jesus because his righteousness, not our growth in godliness, is our hope and confidence before God. But we also look to him because in him we see what true godliness looks like, and our sanctification is his character being formed in us. As Kevin DeYoung recently pointed out by quoting Jonathan Edwards the beauty of Jesus is seen in his holiness. His post reminded me of something J. Oswald Sanders wrote.

The character of our Lord was wonderfully balanced, with neither excess nor deficiency. Its excellence is recognized not only by Christians but also by Jews and others of many forms of unbelief. It stands out faultlessly perfect, so symmetrical in all its proportions that its strength and greatness are not immediately obvious to the casual observer. It has been said that in Jesus' character no strong points were obvious because there were no weak ones. Strong points necessarily presuppose weak ones, but no weaknesses can be alleged of Him. In the best of men there is obvious inconsistency and inequality, and since the tallest bodies cast the longest shadows, the greater the man, the more glaring his faults are likely to be. With Christ it was far otherwise. He was without flaw or contradiction.

- J. Oswald Sanders, The Incomparable Christ