Book Giveaway: Redemption

Yeah, it's only February but I'm pretty confident that one of my favorite books of the year is going to be Mike Wilkerson's book, Redemption: Freed by Jesus From The Idols We Worship and The Wounds We Carry. I'm excited to give away a copy here on the blog (U.S. and Canada only). Redemption is a book that not only sheds light on abuse, addiction, suffering, and sin by seeking to make sense of it all through the Biblical story of Redemption, but also guides our way through it all setting God and the gospel squarely before us. This is a beautiful example of Gospel-centered writing that is truly practical. A book like this can only be written by someone who knows the truth deeply and has pastored others through such difficulty with the light of Scripture.

I'm giving away one copy of Redemption tomorrow. To enter for a chance to win you need to do two things:

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You can enter up until 3pm Friday (2/18/11). The winner will be announced that afternoon.