Theology Still: Seven Cautions for Christians (#1)

Jeremiah Burroughs was a puritan pastor, a member of the Westminster Assembly, and a prolific writer who worked for both the purity and unity of the church. He was considered the "prince of preachers" a couple hundred years before that other guy got the title. What follows in seven parts is a distillation of the main "rules" from Burroughs' sermon on Phil 1:27 preached March 8, 1645. You can find the sermon in Gospel Conversation (Amazon, or WTS Books)

Seven Cautions for Christians #1: Know Your Role

"Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ" Phil 1:27

As Christians who live as sinners in a sinful world, and are called to live lives that reflect the beauty of the gospel, we must live thoughtfully and carefully. To help with this Burrough's offers 7 "rules" by which we should order our lives. Note: we should be challenged by these rules without fear of losing the gospel, for the gospel actually fits us for the task of following Christ.

First, he encourages us to pay special attention to our relationships, for almost all of the life of faith is lived out in connection to those around us. In our families, employment, and culture at large, we must be careful to know our role in each setting, and fulfill our duties in a way that brings honor to Christ. For many of us it is common to give up any serious diligence in following Christ in certain relationships. Some practically lay aside their profession of Christ when they walk into work, while others follow Christ throughout their day among unbelievers, and then forget to continue with him when they walk back into their homes.

Whatever a man may talk of godliness, unless it appears in their relations, unless a servant is dilligent, obedient, and a faithful servant all his or her talk of [Christianity] is to no purpose. Unless a child is an obedient and loving child, unless a wife is an obedient and loving wife, all profession of [faith] is to no purpose. Likewise, on the other side, unless masters, husbands, and parents are careful in their places to perform the duties of their relation, all their religion will come to nothing. Look to your [conduct]  in the duties of  your relations.

To live lives worthy of the gospel demands that we pay close attention to our relationships, for Christ leads us to connect with others for his own glory.

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