Mars Hill's Good Friday Music and Movie

At the moment I'm listening to Mars Hill's live music from their 2010 Good Friday service. Go ahead and click play below and listen to their arrangement of How Deep The Father's Love For Us. It's my favorite from the set. You can download the album for free here. Very good stuff.

You can also download the 30 minute short film they made for the service depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. From the Mars Hill blog,

This month, we’re releasing Good Friday for the first time online. Specifically, we’re offering it as a free download for churches that wish to use it in their Good Friday services.

In our day and age, we have a tendency to become desensitized to the story of Jesus’ crucifixion after reading (and re-reading) the text each year. In fact, crucifixion was one of the most common methods of capital punishment in Roman times, and it was horrific. (The word “excruciating” is derived from “crucifixion.”) We chose to use the medium of film to tell the story of Christ’s death so that we could witness a depiction of the depths to which our Jesus suffered to atone for our sins.

This is a deeply moving film. It is our prayer that it would be beneficial for pastors and congregations all over the world as we Christians prepare our hearts, in the same way we would for a funeral, to remember the death of our Lord Jesus.

Note: The film is very graphic and not recommended for children under ten years of age. Please prayerfully consider checking in young children to a children’s ministry during the time you intend to show the video.

You can download the Good Friday music here, and the film here.