Praying For More of The Ordinary

When you pray for the church, what do you seek? In all of our praying for the church I believe we should be praying for more of the ordinary operations of God's Holy Spirit. We do not need God to do something strange; something that he has never done before. What we need is for God to convict men and women of their sin, draw them to Jesus, and cause them to be born again. We need God to sanctify his people by the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the word. We need God to unify his people around the Gospel and the mission he gave to the church. We need God to do what he has promised he would do. We need more of that. And more of God's ordinary work is a good definition of "revival." Revival is not so much God doing some thing new, but God doing something old. It is God doing more of what he has always done. As we pray for our churches and our worship gatherings this weekend, let's pray that God would do what he always does, but in greater measure.

Relevant Read: Revival, by Martyn Lloyd Jones