What Gets Your Amen?

When gathered with God's people for worship, what gets your "amen?" What are you really responding to? I've noticed over the past twenty years of following Jesus and worshipping with my brothers and sisters that those things which often capture our attention in these gatherings are the good, but lesser things. And we allow these things to eclipse that which should elicit our deepest response. What gets your applause and "amens?" A song, or the Savior? A performance, or the Person for whom we all lift up our voices? Are you thrilled by the production of men more than the work of God in Christ? We all fail in this at some point. Sure, some of us fall in love with our own efforts in worship, but others can err on the other end of the spectrum and loathe the whole because of how unskilled we are. Both are missing the point.

Perhaps it would help to ask, who gets your amen? May it always and only be Jesus.

I always enjoy worshipping with our Sovereign Grace brothers, who often erupt in applause in the middle of a hymn when Christ is clearly exalted. They simply cannot hold in their joy. I'm never confused about what they are responding to---even when the music itself is amazing.