Note to Self Update: Kindle, iBook, etc.

My book is officially available at the end of the month, but the digital versions are available now. I've heard from some of you who have jumped on that option, and really appreciate the feedback. So if you're hooked up with Kindle, iBooks, etc. you can get the book today. The books themselves have been printed, and the publisher overnighted me a hard copy. It was pretty surreal holding a copy of this thing in my hands. A lot of work goes into a book even after it's written. Editors, typesetters, artists, publicists, etc. all work hard to make what an author has written as accessible as possible. Crossway has been amazing.

While the book itself isn't widely available until the end of the month, you can buy a copy at The Gospel Coalition conference happening this week in Chicago. It's going to be a great gathering, and I'm looking forward to seeing a number of you there.