Tempted and Tried

I have been reading Russell Moore's newest book, Tempted and Tried: Temptation, and the Triumph of Christ, and it is proving to a spiritually provocative, helpful, and beautiful read. I expected to like it; to "amen" it as I read. Instead, I am finding myself captivated and truly encouraged by Dr. Moore's insights. I have not yet finished the book, but it is certain to be one of the best reads of the year for me. Steve McCoy has written an excellent review of Tempted and Tried at The Gospel Coalition's Reviews blog. Steve writes,

This is a creative, practical, rich book that will engage and stretch God’s people. Instead of quick answers and hurried advice (which all too often is given the “Amen!” only to be lost soon after), Moore offers a well-crafted path to where Jesus was in his temptations. It’s a glorious trek that I long for others to take.

Tempted and Tried gets the highest of recommendations.

Be sure to read Steve's review and get this book!