Coffee, Imprecation, and Grace

While in the hotel elevator yesterday a man looked at me drinking a large coffee from Dunkin Donuts and quietly said to me, "That's the best coffee." I said, "Right on!" He asked, "Whatcha got in there?" I said, "Just black." To which he replied, "That's the only way to drink it." We got off on the same floor, hi-fived (not really) and went our separate ways. He is obviously a man who knows what's good. A couple weeks ago on Twitter I confessed that after drinking thousands of cups of coffee (from major chains like Starbucks, to indie coffee houses and local roasters, and of course gas station coffee, diner coffee, instant coffee, etc.) my favorite coffee to drink when out is Dunkin Donuts, black, no sugar. I'm not sure if they are secretly putting donut-crumbs and crack in their grounds, but whatever they do, it works. I think it's amazing.

I got some "amen's" to that tweet, but I also got a lot of push back. Some said I haven't yet had good coffee, others went all imprecatory on me. But, one man did more than challenge me or call for my destruction. Mr. Dave Cruver actually sent me some coffee, and it was waiting for me when I came home from the Gospel Coalition Conference. There's a parable about grace in there somewhere.

Some time ago Dave began roasting his own beans, and as he shared what he was doing with others the demand for his coffee grew. So, in March of 2010 he launched Mist Valley Coffee.

He sent me some whole beans from Rwanda which I sent right into my burr grinder, and made a cup in my French Press (the only way I drink coffee at home). Let me say, Mist Valley Coffee is legit! Very, very good stuff. Dave, thank you for sharing this with me.

Mist Valley Coffee just might be my favorite at-home coffee. Seriously. I'm only one cup deep, so I'll have to finish the rest of it before I make a final call. This doesn't change my position on DD's coffee, because I'm not comparing coffee I make at home to the drip coffee I get when out. Dunkin' has it going on, and when I'm out I still think they're the best option.

If you love coffee, and make it at home, hit up Mist Valley Coffee and give it a try. Delicious!