Interview at Gospel Coalition Reviews

I was recently interviewed by John Starke from The Gospel Coalition for the TGC Reviews website about Note to Self. We talk about the value of the discipline of preaching to ourselves, the place of the law as well as gospel in our lives, and how to avoid simply focusing on "self" when preaching to ourselves. Here's a peek at our conversation.

What would you say to the accusation that “preaching to yourself” is unbalanced introspection or inordinate narcissism?

Martyn Lloyd-Jones is helpful on the subject in his book Spiritual Depression. He explained that we need to talk to ourselves, rather than merely listen to ourselves. It is our questions, fears, and anxieties that rise up from hearts of unbelief and weakness. Instead of listening to ourselves we need to actively speak to ourselves in such a way that we “take ourselves by the hand” and lead ourselves to the truth of God and the gospel. So this “preaching to ourselves” is not some kind of spiritual navel-gazing but lifting our eyes upward to Christ. Yes, we see ourselves, our current condition, our frailty and failures. But then we turn our attention back to our hope in Christ. The aim in preaching to ourselves is knowing and following Jesus.

You can check out the interview here.