Power in the Blood

We use the Valley of Vision prayer book frequently in our worship gatherings at Redeemer Fellowship, especially for responsive readings. During last night's Good Friday service Carson Cheatham used "Calvary's Anthem." Here's an excerpt from that prayer.

For there is power in the blood of Calvary to destroy sins more than can be counted even by one from the choir of heaven.

Thou hast given me a hill-side spring that washes clear and white, and I go as a sinner to its waters, bathing without hindrance in its crystal streams.

At the cross there is free forgiveness for poor and meek ones, and ample blessings that last forever; The blood of the Lamb is like a great river of infinite grace with never any diminishing of its fullness as thirsty ones without number drink of it.

If you don't have The Valley of Vision, be sure to pick up a copy. If you have it, you may want to check out my prayer guide as a method for personally working through the prayer book.