A Field Manual for Mortifying Sin

The painful presence of sin in the life of a Christian doesn't ease up as you grow in faith. We may overcome certain sins, and experience victory in certain areas of life, but sin will remain with us, waging war against us until death or Christ's return. Clearly, Christians are called to fight sin and live unto God, but how do we do it? In general I believe a few thing are needed. One, we need the full hope of the gospel including Christ's victory over sin which is ours through him. Two, we need a clear understanding of sin and temptation and how these things are at work in us. Three, we need simple and practical guidance in the work of killing sin. Brian Hedges, author of Christ Formed In You and the Lead Pastor of Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, Michigan, has written a book that gives us all of this.

I was able to get an advance copy of Licensed to Kill: A Field Manual for Mortifying Sin, and was asked to write an endorsement if I could. Not only can I, but I feel I must. This is a book every Christian should read, and every Christian can read. It is biblical, concise, clear, and practical. You can read my endorsement below.

Brian Hedges hasn’t written a book for our recreational pleasure, but a “field manual” to assist us in our battle against sin. Rather than aiming at simple moral reformation “Licensed to Kill” aims at our spiritual transformation in this fight by addressing the “drives and desires of our hearts.” Like any good field manual this is a small volume that focuses on the most critical information regarding our enemy, and gives practical instruction concerning the stalking and killing of sin. This is a theologically solid and helpfully illustrated book that not only warns of sin’s danger, but also holds out the gospel confidence of sin’s ultimate demise.

This is an important book that will encourage and help you in your fight against sin. You can pre-order it now.