Over > Under

I've always had strong opinions, even as a little kid. I became aware of this as a kid when I overheard two people making fun of the arguments regarding the proper positioning of toilet paper on the holder. You know, the whole "over or under" issue. I had never been around that discussion before, but it immediately mattered to me. At the time, I think I was seven, I had three thoughts: 1. This is a crazy thing to argue over. Over is the only proper position! 2. Wait, I think they're making fun of the argument/issue itself. 3. Both of these people are stupid.

The grace of the gospel would eventually soften my attitude, though the truth remains the same (over > under).

So, for those who appreciate the proper positioning of toilet paper, you may enjoy the helpful diagram below.

[This graphic is not my creation. I am not sure of its origin.]