O God of Our Salvation

We are working through a thematic series on Sunday mornings at Redeemer called, Redisvoering the Greatness of God that focuses on Theology Proper and how these core doctrines of God's character connect to the gospel and enrich our faith. One of the songs that we have been singing during this series is Michael Bleecker's modern hymn, O God of Our Salvation. It's a great trinitarian hymn that you should be singing in your church if you aren't already. Here's Michael giving some instruction and insight into the song.

O God of Our Salvation

O God of our salvation Who reigns upon the throne The sovereign Father, great is He From whom all blessings flow

Chorus O God of our salvation, From Whom redemption comes O Father, Son and Spirit, The blessed three in one

Behold the Son our Savior Who for our sin was slain The Christ Who purchased with His blood The wretched souls of men.

O God, The Holy Spirit Revealing Deity The fount of life and love divine throughout eternity

Bridge Ascribe unending praises to the God Who reigns on high How matchless is His power, His glory how divine Ascribe O church the greatness and the glory due His name One God, One Being, One Essence, o Triune God proclaimed Amen - Amen - Amen - Amen

Written by Matt Boswell, Michael Bleecker, John Warren

You can download a chord chart and more at the Village Church Worship and Music Blog. Anyone else singing this song? What are some other modern hymns and songs used in your churches?