Folly, Grace, and Power

If you are a preacher, or aspire to be one, you need to put John Koessler's new book on your must-read list. Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching is not another how-to on sermon preparation and the mechanics of preaching---good and necessary as those books are. Here John offers the reader a theology of preaching that is both practical and prophetic. It's not just a great read, it's an important book. I got an advanced copy of the book and was happy to write an endorsement.

In Folly, Grace, and Power John Koessler gives us a theology of preaching that can rescue the voice of the church from the mechanical drone of informative, but powerless lectures, and cliche spiritual soundbites that neither challenge nor transform. The church needs to listen carefully to John’s words which can, by God’s grace, restore dignity to the prophetic and priestly work of proclamation by giving us a compelling picture of the nature, value, place, power, and mystery of preaching God’s word.

Folly, Grace and Power hit shelves tomorrow. You can order via Amazon for a good price. The Kindle version is already available.

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