Angry Calvinists

Someone once described Steve McCoy and I as "happy Calvinists." I'm not sure if that was a fair or accurate characterization, but it was definitely meant as a compliment. Calvinists sometimes gets a bad wrap because of our theology, but perhaps more often because of our bad attitudes. There is a sense out there shared by many that Calvinists are mean and unnecessarily pugnacious. If this is a stereotype, it probably exists for a good reason. Ed Stetzer was going to interview me about my book, but it turned into a conversation about "angry Calvinists." Here's a summation of my perspective on the issue.

When we Calvinists are ungracious, unnecessarily combative, proud, and arrogant, we are not being true Calvinists. We are posers.

Head over to Ed's blog to read the interview. I'll be checking the comments throughout the day to join the conversation.