Win a Copy of Note to Self

Today you can read a short interview I did with Tyler Horton at his blog, Me and Brooks, for his "4 Questions With" series. The blog is a place where Tyler is reading through the works of Thomas Brooks and sharing his progress and thoughts. The series is, as you might guess, four targeted questions. Here's a peek.

Are there any dangers in this practice that we should be watching for?

Definitely. Self-centeredness and despair can result when we are focusing too much on ourselves in preaching to ourselves. Remember, the point in doing this is to draw our eyes back up to Christ. Of course the law will show us our failure, but the gospel should then lift our head. In my experience the most common dangers come down to too much focus on me or my sin. The former can lead to pride and self-infatuation. The whole thing becomes about me. The latter leaves me crushed under the weight of my crimes. Properly preaching to ourselves will leave us convicted over our sin, but convinced of God’s love for us in Jesus, and through that encourage us to follow him in a life of faith and godliness.

Tyler is also giving away two copies of my book, Note to Self.

Head over to Me and Brooks to read the whole thing and enter the giveaway.