Check Out These Discussions

I haven't ditched the "How to be a Good Calvinist" series, but I have been focused on other things. The plan is to get part two out this week. In the mean time, here are some good discussions to check out in case you missed any of them. The New Covenant on The White Horse Inn Michael Horton and friends discuss the contrast between the Old and New Covenants. Check out the audio here.

TGC Discussion on Gospel-Centrality "The point of gospel-centeredness is not being able to point out who doesn't use the terms of gospel-centeredness, the point is loving Jesus." - JD Grear Trevin Wax, J.D. Grear. and Greg Gilbert have a good discussion on gospel-centrality. Check out the video.

Preaching to Ourselves Discussion at ReformedCast Scott Oakland had me on his podcast to talk about Note to Self, and the discipline of preaching to ourselves. It was a good time. You can check out the audio here.