Gospel-Motivated Godliness

One of the motives we have to live a life worthy of our calling as Christians is found in what we are in Jesus. For example, Paul argues in Romans 6 that since we are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves of Jesus, we should live righteously out of the freedom we have in the Son. I was encouraged this morning when I read this meditation by Richard Sibbes.

When we find any grace wrought in us, we should have an holy esteem of ourselves; and say, when tempted to sin: What! I that am an heir of heaven, a king, a, conqueror, a son of God, shall I debase myself? God has put a crown upon my soul, and shall I cast my crown in the mire? No I will be more honourable. These are no proud thoughts, but suitable to our state.

- Richard Sibbes, Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations, #66