Teach Others to Teach Yourself

Some Christians feel they have no business teaching others when they have so much to learn themselves. Many feel as though God is distant, and grace is small in their lives, and therefore they should not seek to instruct others, or even talk much about these things until they are experiencing more grace and transformation themselves. But God's grace comes to us not only as we listen to the truth, but also as we speak it. Check out Sibbes' mediation below.

If men can find no comfort, and yet set themselves to teach and encourage weaker Christians; by way of reflection, they receive frequently great comfort themselves. So doth God reward this duty of mutual discourse; that those things we did not so fully understand before, by discourse we come to know and relish far better. This should teach us to love, and often engage in holy conference; for besides the good we do to others, we shall be profited ourselves.

- Richard Sibbes, Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations, #214

Do not withhold the truth from others just because you do not benefit from it as much as you should. As parents, teachers, preachers-- as Christians, let's continue to hold out the truth for the glory of God, the good of others, and our own benefit as well.