Interview: Tullian on the Gospel

I had a chance to chat with Tullian Tchividjian on the phone about his new book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything. It was a great conversation, just under 30 minutes, and it's well worth listening to. Note: we aren't talking profesisonal podcast audio quality here, (I recorded the call on my iPhone) but it worked well enough. Give it a listen below. [audio:|titles=Jesus + Nothing = Everything]

What I asked Tullian:

    What does it mean for the gospel to be functionally central in our lives? What is the most common mistake Christians make when thinking about the gospel? How does the gospel relate to our sanctification? How can we grow in our understanding of the gospel? What have you learned from others outside your tribe/tradition? What is one book everyone should read? (He suggests two.)

Jesus + Nothing = Everything is a fantastic book. I hope you'll pick it up. The two other books Tullian recommended in our conversation were Martin Luther's Commentary on Galatians and The Hammer of God by Bo Giertz