No Devle!

My son drew this picture for me while at Redeemer today. It pretty concisely expresses the Christian attitude toward our great enemy, but I thought a few words from Martin Luther would prove to be helpful meditation as well.

By good experience, I know the devil's craft and subtilty, that he not only blows the law into us, to terrify and affright us, and out of mole-hills to make mountains,—that is, to make a very hell of what is but a small and little sin, which as a wondrous juggler he can perform artfully; but also, can sometimes make such to be great and heavy sins which are no sins; for he brings one threatening sentence or other out of the Holy Scriptures, and before we are aware, gives so hard a blow to our hearts, in a moment, that we lose all light and sight, and take him to be the true Christ, whereas it is only the envious devil.


Though Satan ceases not to plague the Christians, and to shoot at us his fiery darts, 'tis very good and profitable for us, for thereby he makes us the more sure of the word and doctrine, so that faith increases, and is stronger in us. We are often shaken, and, indeed, now and then the devil drives out of us a sour and bitter sweat, but he cannot bring us to despair; for Christ always has kept the field, and through us he will keep it still. Through hope, in all manner of trials and temptations, we hold ourselves on Christ.


It is almost incredible how God enables us, weak flesh and blood, to enter combat with the devil, and to beat and overcome so powerful a spirit as he, and with no other weapon but only his Word, which by faith we take hold on. This must needs grieve and vex that great and powerful enemy.

- The Table Talk of Martin Luther