Blogwatch: Ryan Huguley

Last year there were over 152 million blogs on the internet. How do you choose which ones to follow, and how do you stay on top of their content? If you are reading more than a couple blogs regularly I would encourage you to use a "feed reader" like Google Reader. This will help you easily stay on top of the blogs you read. What's harder is determining which blogs will get your attention. Throughout the year I will promoting a blog each week that I personally benefit from. And, I will try and hit blogs you may not yet follow. First up, something new.

Ryan Huguley

A new blog I'm really enjoying is Pastor Ryan Huguley's. Ryan is the Lead Pastor of Redemption Bible Church in the Chicago suburbs, and a good friend of mine who has been a great encouragement to me and many others at Redeemer. Hit his blog, subscribe to the feed, and you'll find pastoral help and personal reflection worth your time. In a day with over 150 million blogs to choose from, I'm glad Ryan jumped in to add one more to the mix.