A Heavenly Conversation is the Way to Contentment

This weekend I worked my way through Jeremiah Burrough's The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.  It is a great help to anyone who wants to better understand the danger of discontentment, the nature of true contentment and how to grow in that grace. At the end Burroughs gives "12 directions" to help our hearts learn contentment. #6 focuses on the discipline of meditation.

Labour to be spiritually minded. That is, be often in meditation of the things that are above. ‘If we be risen with Christ,’ say the Scriptures, ‘let us seek the things that are above, where Christ is, that sits at the right hand of God.’ Be much in spiritual thoughts, in conversing with things above. Many Christians who have an interest in the things of Heaven converse but very little with them; their meditations are not much upon heavenly things. Some give this as the reason why Adam did not see his nakedness, they think that he had so much converse with God and with things above sense, that he did not so much mind or think of what nakedness was. Whether that were so or not I will not say, but this I say, and am certain of, the reason why we are so troubled with our nakedness, with any wants that we have, is because we converse so little with God, so little with spiritual things; conversing with spiritual things would lift us above the things of the world. Those who are bitten or struck by a snake, it is because they tread on the ground; if they could be lifted up above the earth they need never fear being stung by the snakes which are crawling underneath. So I may compare the sinful distemper of murmuring, and the temptations and evils that come from that, to snakes that crawl up and down below; but if we could get higher we should not be stung by them. A heavenly conversation is the way to contentment. - Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (pp. 219, 220)

Good words for us all. The popular saying, "One can be too heavenly minded to be any earthly good", is wrong in many ways. I think Burroughs would say, "Heavenly-mindedness is the only thing that can make us fit for this earth." Let's pull our heads out of the ground and look up to our Great God and Savior.