Humble Beasts

Last week I took my 7 yr old hip-hop loving son to see Alert in concert. Alert is one of my son's (and my) favorite hip hop groups, so we knew it would be a good time. What we didn't now was how friendly and approachable the band would be, nor how they would mix up their songs to present them in new and very interesting ways that differ from the production on their albums. It was a great show, and though it went past Elias' bedtime he was pumped to be there and meet the band. They were great with my boy.

During the  performance Esteban (Boogalu) offered a straight-up gospel proclamation. It was clear, simple and bold. It spoke a lot about our need for pardon and that we can can only find it in Jesus. It was unapologetic and earnest, without being cheesy or manipulative. It was great! I understand that not every artist is compelled to do this from the stage, and that some venues are better for this than others. I know that some artists work out proclamation off stage with individuals and groups.

Alert is on the Humble Beast label. But, Humble Beast is not just a label. From the Humble Beast website:


Humble Beast is a creative collective of individuals who attempt to express our life through our gifts with our best.


Humble Beast is a collective of individuals, who share the same commitments & convictions. We strive to live out our lives openly with every person in as many ways as possible. We all share the same open and honest commitment to Jesus Christ. We strive to do all of this with transparency in all humility.


Humble Beast is a collective of artists, who make music & resources. With each production, Humble Beast aims to be compelling & authentic for our culture. We pour our lives into each of these resources & in turn we give them away 
for free.


Humble Beast is a collective of innovative minds, who prize the very best in quality. Everything we do comes from our best efforts, not our leftovers. We strive for excellence & pour everything into what we do at Humble Beast – all for the glory and honor of the one who poured out his life for us, Jesus Christ.


The artists on Humble Beast are amazing, and since they give it all away for free there is no excuse to not go there and download it all right now.

Check out their website, give the music a listen, and consider how you can partner with them. Perhaps by making a contribution?

I have had a chance to talk with some of the artists and staff, and will be sharing more from Humble Beast in the future. For now, check 'em out and enjoy.