Getting Healthy: The People Who Helped

When things were at their darkest for me I was willing to listen, really listen to others. And God graciously used a number of people to help me through the end 2011 and find health in 2012. So, before I share how I found health, let me just say thank you to the following people. I can't include everyone who encouraged me along the way in one form or another, there were so many. But here are some of the key people. The point here is simple. I couldn't have helped myself. I, like everyone else, need community. I need the friendship, wisdom, instruction, and help that can only be found in the church. My wife: Jen was instrumental as my soul-mate, lover, and friend. She reminded me of my calling, called me to find strength in God, and resist the devil. I believe her words were the beginning of my recovery.

My elders: These are godly men who loved me, supported me, and led me to pull back on my work load and take care of myself.

My coach/network: One of the great benefits of Acts 29 is the brotherhood and help we have in one another. The other pastors in the network were a source of encouragement and guidance, especially my coach, John Ryan, who helped me to see the satanic dimension in my struggles.

My best friend: Steve McCoy is my boy. The best friend I have ever known. He listened patiently. He asked a lot of important questions. He loved me, prayed for me, and was always there for me.

Dr. Ed Stetzer, and Pastors Ryan Huguley and Tyler Drewitz from Redemption Bible Church. These friends helped me to see the changes that needed to be made organizationally within my pastoral ministry and the whole of our church. They weren't just concerned about my health, but the health of the church I pastor as well.

Justin Taylor: Justin listened to me, counseled me, prayed with me, and ultimately told me I should reach out to Dr. David Murray of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

Dr. David Murray. David is the man God has used to help me the most though all of this, and he has become a dear friend. Those close to me have heard me say, "God rescued me from a terrible darkness, but he sent David to pull me out." I'll share more about David later. For now let me direct you to a video David posted today on his blog. It speaks specifically to what I've been blogging about, and he will be addressing these topics at the PLANTR Spring 2012 MicroConference on Soul Care. If you are able, you need to register for that.

My Doctor. Yep. I have a great doctor who has also been instrumental in all of this. Thank God for common grace!