Getting Healthy: Adjusting the Workload

One of the necessary adjustments for me getting healthy related my workload. Knowing that I was doing "too much for too long without resting" meant certain things had to change. But making the change is a lot harder than agreeing it has to happen. So with input from my wife, elders, coach, and others, I began making adjustments. First I had to clarify my job description, determine what responsibilities were mine, and what work had to take priority. That meant I had to let go of certain ministries that I enjoyed and entrust them to others. It took some time but I let go of Theology Pub and leading a Community Group (things I had done for years) and a few others things. I began focusing more on prayer, the ministry of the word, and leadership development. For a more detailed description of how I adjusted my schedule see this post from last year.

And with the growth of our church I had to not only let go of some things, but more work needed to be done. Things beyond my capabilities. Just seeing these tasks and projects looming the future were crushing me. I could see 10 things that had to be done, and knew I couldn't do any of them. The truth was there were 100 things that needed to be done.

We brought in Pastors Ryan Huguley and Tyler Drewitz from Redemption Bible Church for some help with our assimilation process and ministry teams. They showed us a better way of functioning, but a way that would require a lot more work and organization. Thankfully, our elders and deacons are amazing gifts to the church. Everyone stepped up and took hold of ministry responsibilities. Our move to two Sunday services, though complicated and difficult, was seamless. And the truth is, I had nothing to do with that transition. I talked and prayed a lot, but the work was done by everyone else.

Getting healthy for me didn't mean recognizing that I can't do everything. That's a no-brainer. It meant recognizing that I can't do everything I want to do, nor everything that needs to get done. It meant clarifying my calling, working out of my gifts, empowering other people to do the work of ministry, and trusting God and the church to get it done. And, it was only possible for me to get healthy in this area because my church loves me. Though I am an elder, the "Lead Pastor," I have been greatly shepherded and cared for by my church family. If I am healthy today, it is because of God and his people.