Pray for Kaitlyn Stetzer

Ed Stetzer's daughter, Kaitlyn, has been in the hospital since Monday with some kind of infection for which the doctors have not yet be able to identify the cause. Here's the most recent update from Ed on his blog.

Update 5 at 11a.m. Wednesday:

We've been here going on our fourth day at Vanderbilt hospital. As of now, Kaityln is not making much progress. Actually, she is slightly worse from our (uninformed) view. She is having a lot of head and joint pain, and this is a new development. She is still covered in "spots," still sleeping 22 hours a day, etc. Our hearts break just seeing her there.

The second round of blood tests have come back and said that she does NOT have Erlichia or several viral pathogens for which they tested. The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) test is not back yet-- they did that one later in her third round of blood tests. Sometimes I think we are just searching in the dark, though the fits many of the symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (though this is the third "probably" diagnosis thus far and the first two were wrong-- not uncommon, but frustrating nevertheless).

Please, pray with me for Kaitlyn and the Stetzers. For the doctors to be successful in identifying and treating the problem, for peace in the Stetzer home, and for the glory of God to shine through it all. Be sure to visit Ed's blog often for updates.