Getting Healthy: Counsel

I have sketched out my thoughts for this whole series in a Moleskine (as I do with everything), but I have not had the time to craft all of those thoughts into written form for the blog. But in order to get as much out there as possible before my trip on Monday, I made another video after a lunch meeting today. Again, this is just me running through the points I wanted to cover in a blog post all in one take. In this video I'm even holding my journal to make sure I at least hit the points. My apologies for not offering more here, but this is as good as it's going to get at the moment. I have trimmed as much fat from the 3 minute-plus video.

I would love to spend more time on some of these points, and maybe I will in later posts. But it is worth elaborating just a bit on this whole idea of recognizing the weight that we carry. It is easy to assume that the weight and responsibility we carry is not only appropriate (which it may or may not be), but also relatively small. As David asked me to go into detail about my family life and ministry he was constantly showing me just how much was "on my plate." Much of that I simply didn't see as contributing to my fatigue. It was just the way things are. It was normal to me. Some of these things can't be changed, but it all needs to be seen, respected, and appropriately responded to with schedules, rest, boundaries, etc.

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