Jet Set Tokyo: Arrival

The flight wasn't bad at all, until the last two hours when the heavens shook the plane like a dog shakes a chew toy. But I praise God that even when the oxygen masks were about to drop from the ceiling (ok, I'm ridiculously over-exaggerating) I was genuinely calm. That was new. The airport in Tokyo was easy, and once we all got to the hotel we were able to walk through some of the city on our way to dinner. And, we had what you'd expect--- pizza. It was actually very good, as was the fellowship (but I want some serious Japanese cuisine tomorrow). We are all wiped out from lack of sleep and need pass out. Tomorrow we hit the ground running early. I'll post and update social media whenever I have access to wifi.

For now, pray for the faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ here in Tokyo. They are laboring to share the gospel in a city where over 99% of the population do not know Jesus. And pray for us, that we learn, listen to God, and are ready to respond.