Happy Day x 2!

I'm over 5,000 miles away from the most important people in my life on a very special day, and I need to celebrate the grace of God in my life. 19 years ago I was captivated by a beautiful, godly, funny, young lady.  I asked her out, and was DENIED. I prayed daily that God would change her heart, but agreed that maintaining a friendship with her was still more than I deserved.

18 years ago God changed her heart, and suddenly she was into me. Boom! Students and faculty at college al had the same response. "How did that happen?!"

16 years ago I asked if she would be my wife, and she said yes!

15 Years ago today I married the most amazing woman I have ever known. She is not the "beautiful, godly, funny" woman I met  our Freshman year in college. She is much more beautiful, godly, and funny than she was then. She has continued to grow in grace over these years and is truly an "excellent woman." Jen you have brought more joy to me than I can ever express!

11 years ago today, on our anniversary, Jen gave birth to our first child, Katherine. "Kat" is our super creative, funny, shy, animal loving, future spy whose "cover" will be that of an animal doctor. Katherine, you are a treasure for which we thank God for daily!