Jet Set Tokyo: Youth

It has been fascinating observing the youth in Japan. Perhaps the most wide angle perspective we got of the youth culture was when we spent time in Harajuku, the shopping district around the Harajuku train station. It's a lot like like Michigan Ave. in Chicago, or Fifth Ave. in Manhattan. It felt very familiar to me until we turned down Takeshita Dori. Then it became this.

It's amazing. This narrow street is teeming with people, mostly youth, shoulder to shoulder. Missionary Gary Fujino (a new friend and our host here in Japan) says that Takeshita Dori is "a mecca for Japanese youth culture. Youth from all over Tokyo, and even other parts of Japan, flock here to eat, shop, play, congregate, and hang out."

With less than 1% of the population following Jesus the need for missionaries is great. Yet, there are very few. Pray for those laboring here, and pray for God to send more.