Credo Magazine

Because you like good theology and free stuff you should check out Credo Magazine. What's Credo Magazine? From the website,

Credo Magazine is self-consciously Evangelical, Reformational, and Baptistic: Evangelical since it aims at being supremely Gospel-centered, exalting in the substitutionary death and historical resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ; Reformational as the gospel it promotes is defined by the solas of the Reformation; and while Credo magazine welcomes contributors from diverse ecclesial backgrounds, it seeks to especially celebrate those doctrines that mark the Baptist tradition.

Credo is a free, full-color, digital magazine that is published bi-monthly and includes:

  • Articles by some of the best pastors and scholars today on the most vital and pertinent issues in Christianity.
  • Columns engaging pastoral issues in the church and monumental figures in church history.
  • Interviews with important pastors and scholars on both their ministries and their new books.
  • Reviews of some of the most recent books in Christian theology and literature.

Follow the link, and get in on the goodness! If you read carefully in the newest issue, you'll even find my very brief answer to the question: "How important are the Doctrines of Grace for healthy local church ministry?" Yeah, try answering that in one sentence.