From Culture to Christ: Secret Crowds

Many things I see and hear throughout the day remind me of God and the gospel. Often times these things have nothing to do with God directly, but my thoughts tend to drift back to the truth. Recently the song "Secret Crowds" by Angels and Airwaves has triggered thoughts on church planting and the spread of the gospel. The chorus in particular sticks in my head.

Let me feel you, carry you higher Watch your words spread hope like fire Secret crowds rise up and gather Hear your voices sing back louder

The song is in fact about longing for a new world without war and destruction; a world where love and peace reign. The song speaks of the common human desire for a new heaven and earth. As Christians we have the promise of this new world in Jesus. And while we wait for it to come in fullness we taste of it now in the Kingdom of God. We share the gospel, and by the Holy Spirit it spreads like fire. And from the rubble of a crumbling world the church rises up and gathers proclaiming the excellencies of Jesus Christ in glorious song.

Please note: This is not a Christian band, and some of their lyrics are not even kid-friendly.