Getting Healthy: Vacation!

I actually have one last big post to offer up in this series on getting healthy. It's an important one, but it has to wait... until I get back from vacation. For the first several years in pastoral ministry we didn't take vacations. There was too much to be done, and what might happen if I was away? Thoughts like these were common. One Sunday our young church plant surprised us with a generous gift and made us go. Since then we have tried to be regular with our vacations, but we have only ever gone for one week at a time. Today we are heading out for two weeks away. These days I know there is much to be done. In fact, there is more to be done now at this stage in my life than any other. But, I know the church does not revolve around me, and I'm thankful for godly leaders in our church who serve Christ and his people well. I do not stress about being away at all. In fact I am eager to hear about what God does while I am away! But most of all, I know that I need to get away with my wife and kids and truly unplug.

I'll be offline until I get back, though you can find photos from the trip popping up on Instagram or my Flickr stream.