A Dishful of Hungry Desires

While on vacation with the fam' I am disconnected from email and phone, though I am posting photos along the way (see them here). For these two weeks I am spending a lot of time in Paul's letter to the Galatians as well as the letters of Samuel Rutherford. Each day God is refreshing me and encouraging me as I read and meditate. Today I read something that has been ringing in my ears, and I just had to share it.

There is as much in our Lord's pantry as will satisfy all his bairns [children], and as much wine in his cellar as will quench all their thirst. Hunger on; for there is meat in hunger for Christ: go never from him but fash him [persist with him]... with a dishful of hungry desires, till he fills you; and if he delay yet come not ye away, albeit ye should fall a-swoon at his feet.

I have two books of Rutherford's letters. One is a collection of his letters, the other is a small devotional book that includes excerpts from those letters. Both are worth getting.