Apologies to Kilian

Today Bonger Kilian turns two. Yeah, I guess I should explain why, though he has a strong, masculine name, we often call him "Bonger."

When Kilian Atticus Thorn was born two years ago Jen and I were pretty certain his name left little room for cute nicknames. "Killer?" "Killey?" No way. But immediately our third child, Madeline, was innocently calling him "Kilian Boy." That's just what he was to her. It later devolved into "Kiliboy." And them somehow (maybe it was my fault, actually) he was being called "Kilibong." Maybe a reference to clothing line for surfers, Billibong. Then it just became "Bonger." Ok, after working this out I think it might all be my fault. Sorry, Bonger Kilian. I love you little man.