Killing Calvinism

I finally got my hands on Killing Calvinism by Greg Dutcher. This is a book I have been eager to read, and after scanning through the book I do not expect to disappointed. When my mother saw the book last night she said, "That doesn't sound quite right. Killing Calvinism?" Once I explained what the book was about she was eager to read it. From the website:

As "insiders" of the Calvinist resurgence, there are at least eight ways we can mess everything up. 1. By loving Calvinism as an end in itself. 2. By becoming theologians instead of disciples. 3. By loving God’s sovereignty more than God himself. 4. By losing an urgency in evangelism. 5. By refusing to learn from non-Calvinists. 6. By tidying up the Bible’s “loose ends”. 7.  By being a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls. 8. By scoffing at the emotional hang-ups others have with Calvinism.

You can pick up a copy Killing Calvinism here, or on Amazon.

For more help with the heart and spirit of Reformed theology check out The Joy of Calvinism, by Greg Forster and Living for God's Glory, edited by Joel Beeke.