Preaching to the Choir

The idea of preaching to ourselves is popular today, though my experience suggests that it is under-practiced. Perhaps the reason for this is that we aren't clear what it is or how it should take form. But I believe the biggest reason we don't do it is because we believe we don't need to hear the truths we already know. You ever hear the phrase, "preaching to the choir?" We use that phrase to explain that what one is saying is already known, and saying it again isn't needed. "Hey man, you're preaching to the choir!" translates to, "I do not need to hear your message." We tend to believe that we only learn something once.

But the reality is, the more important the truth the more dangerous it is when we drift from it. And we all tend to drift. We forget. So we need to hear, and hear again, the truths we think we already know...

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