The Savior Who Satisfies

This Sunday I am preaching from Hab. 2:5a on The Sin of Intemperance and the Satisfaction of Christ. It's been very good for me to consider not just why gluttony, drunkenness, and other excesses of good things like food and drink are wrong, but also why we intensely hunger for such things in ways that cannot be satisfied. Here's a teaseer for where we will be heading. It's a quote from Thomas Watson on Matt 5:6, explaining how Christ satisfies our deepest hungers.

What an encouragement is this to hunger after righteousness! Such shall be filled. God charges us to fill the hungry (Isaiah 58:10). He blames those who do not fill the hungry (Isaiah 32:6). And do we think he will be slack in that which he blames us for not doing? Oh come with hungerings after Christ and be assured of satisfaction! God keeps open house for hungry sinners. He invites his guests and bids them come without money (Isaiah 55:1, 2). God's natureinclines him, and his promise obliges him—to fill the hungry. Consider, why did Christ receive 'the Spirit without measure'? (John 3:34). It was not for himself. He was infinitely full before. But he was filled with the holy unction for this end—that he might distill his grace upon the hungry soul. Are you ignorant? Christ was filled with wisdom that he might teach you. Are you polluted? Christ was filled with grace that he might cleanse you. Shall not the soul then come to Christ who was filled on purpose to fill the hungry? We love to knock at a rich man's door. In our Father's house there is bread enough. Come with desire—and you shall go away with comfort! You shall have the virtues of Christ's blood, the influences of his Spirit, the communications of his love!

- Thomas Watson, Spiritual Hunger