A Holy Fear

The "fear of God" is a subject that always raises good questions, but unfortunately leaves many confused. My favorite treatment of the doctrine has always been John Bunyan's Treatise on the Fear of God, but it's not something I feel comfortable handing out to everyone. It can be overwhelming to work through. This is why I am so thankful to God for Chris Poblete and his new book, The Two Fears: Tremble Before God Alone. Calling readers to maintain a holy fear of God while cautioning against an unholy fear Chris offers a modern, theologically solid, pastoral, and easily accessible work I will be recommending to everyone--Christians and non-Christians.

Holy fear compels us to run to God as our only hope. Unholy fear drives us away from God and toward whatever false savior seems close at hand.

- pg. 64, The Two Fears

Read this book and you will understand what it means to fear God and why it matters.

Our God holds the power to save sinners, to reverse death, to destroy the bonds of Satan and sin. He is the mighty Savior and great Redeemer who can regenerate a heart, reform it from the inside out, and keep it for all eternity.

Do you know this God? Do you know the power he has over you? Do you acknowledge--give credence to--his power? His majesty? His splendor? His being?

This is godly fear. It is the fear of the Lord

- pg. 16, The Two Fears

His familiarity with the classics on the subject come through in this small book, and helps to establish it as an excellent compliment to the good works that have preceeded it.

You need this book, and you need to share it with others. Head on over to WTSBooks and order The Two Fears: Tremble Before God Alone.